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Glucose Clamps

The Glucose Clamp technique is a useful tool in the development of anti-diabetic medications. It allows the measurement of highly precise whole-body and organ-specific insulin sensitivity, the determination of predefined blood glucose concentrations and the characterization of the blood glucose properties of almost any anti-diabetic drug with respect to its time-action profile.


We offer extensive experience in diabetes research, recognized recruitment capabilities and industry leading scientific leadership to support the planning and execution of hyperglycemic, hyperinsulinemic, euglycemic and pancreatic Glucose Clamp Studies.


  • Favorable demographics in North Carolina
  • 6000+ Diabetics in our database
  • Proactive pre-screening initiatives collecting relevant data: medical history, treatment regiment, blood glucose levels and HbA1c, CAP scores
  • In-house recruitment team supported by mobile recruitment unit
  • Data-driven outreach targeting new and pre-screened Patients based on demographic selectors and I/E criteria
  • Consistent community outreach and medical volunteering efforts


  • Patient-centric clinical facility with 24/7 medical oversight
  • Extensive Clinical Pharmacology and POC study experience
  • 20+ Studies involving Diabetic Patients
  • PK/PD, SAD/MAD and Adaptive Designs
  • Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability
  • Wide range of ROA capabilities


  • VP of Clinical Pharmacology with expertise in metabolic disturbances
  • Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator with 10+ years of experience including numerous glucose clamp studies
  • Optimal operational structure for lengthy glucose clamp procedures (up to and beyond 30 hours)
  • Purpose built adaptable research facility with dedicated rooms for specialized procedures
  • Comfort with both manual and automated glucose clamps
  • Ability to accommodate numerous glucose analyzers and simultaneous experiments
  • Strategic alliances for Metabolomics, Biomarker and Clinical Endpoint Assays
“If you have worked in the Metabolic disorders space or for a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of treatments for Diabetes, obesity or Fatty liver, there is a high probability that you’ve encountered the term ‘glucose clamps.’ At their core, glucose clamps are infusion-based tests that in some way interrupt the insulin-glucose feedback loop.”

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