Dr. Jonathan Austin - High Point Clinical Trials Center

Dr. Jonathan Austin

Dr. Austin, a residency trained and board certified emergency physician, is currently a Principal Investigator with High Point Clinical Trials Center. He holds the interests of subjects in the highest standing, particularly with regard to the provision of safety and quality of care in both acute and non-acute situations. When not leading clinical trial work at HPCTC, he is working on community outreach programs in the High Point region.


Dr. Austin completed his undergraduate and medical school training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then went to Wake Forest University and completed a residency training in Emergency Medicine in 1997. Over the next 18 years, Dr. Austin used his acute care skills in full-time practice as an Emergency physician. In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Austin has served as Chief of Staff, Medical Director of Emergency Services and Medical Director for a number of hospitals in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Vermont. Prior to joining HPCTC in 2015, he was the Medical Director of Emergency Services at Novant Forsyth Medical Center.


In 2016, he was awarded the Certified Principal Investigator designation. This achievement and recognition are significant not only for experience and knowledge but also for his commitment to human subject protection and quality in clinical trial research. Dr. Austin feels that being in clinical research allows him to have a greater awareness of cutting edge therapies and the ability to access new treatments that may only be available through clinical trials.